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Clangers / The Original Television Music black vinyl LP

Clangers / The Original Television Music black vinyl LP

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Clangers - black vinyl LP

Out of Print since 2001. A classic Trunk Records release gets a rare repress. 

Trunk Records are reissue 'The Original Television Soundtrack' of Clangers, the classic British stop-motion children's television series that was originally broadcast between 1969 and 1972.

This has been out of print since 2001 when it was originally issue by Trunk Records (cat number SOUP 001), garnering a mass of fine reviews including a full 5 stars from The NME!


What is pressed on this black vinyl LP is the music from all 26 episodes of Clangers (unreleased when issue in 2001) 

Listening today, these recordings have lost none of their naivety and charm, and the Clangers soundtrack remains a seminal work of both TV and intergalactic musical history.


1: Episode One - Intro Music and Dialogue.
Xylophone: Here Tiny Clanger And Small Clanger fight over a piece of rope.
F1: Major Clanger’s new flying machine, that does not fly.
N4A: Poor Major Clanger, another flying disaster.
1.2.3: Go and get some soup…

G5: …and bring it back to Major Clanger.
K: Tiny Clanger and Small Clanger floating up and down with their new flying machine – a balloon.
G6: Let’s get Tiny back down.
2: From “Music”
N: This music is heard coming from the Iron Chicken’s egg.
P: Tiny Clanger plays with the notes form the egg.
G2: Take the notes outside and plant them…
5B: …get the cloud to rain on them…
Q1,2,3: …they grow
Q5: Tiny Clanger plays the first tune.
U: And then another.
3: From “Visiting Friends”
R4: Tiny Clanger makes a helicopter out of music notes and flies to the Iron Chicken for a cup of
tea and a chat.
4: G2: Clangers running up and down. How can they rescue Tiny Clanger?
5: From “Fishing”
D1,2,3,4: A new flying machine – made from notes and a cheese plant. And it’s out of control!
G7: The Music Boat flies.
6: From “Treasure”
M: Naughty Baby Soup Dragon!
7: Miscellaneous Clangers Movements.
I1: Clangers general movement.
Q4: Music Trees.
T5: More Clangers movement.
R1: Even more Clangers movement.
8: From “Goods”.
W1: The plastic goods making machine goes out of control.
9: An End Title.
H1,2,3.: An End title
10: Ting Clanger’s Radio Hat
11: Oliver’s Special Effects
Oliver’s Special effects including Froglet noises.


1: From “The Rock Collector”
An astronaut lands. Although The Clangers are friendly to him he is scared and runs around the
planet, ending up getting covered in soup. And then floating in orbit.
Cues 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D.

2: From “Glowhoney”
Tiny Clanger wants to know how Glowbuzzers make Glowhoney. He follows them into their cave full of singing flowers, and gets lost. Only the Glowbuzzers and the wool from Granny Clanger’s knitting get him out.
Cues 3A, 3B
3: From “Teapot”
The planet is invaded by teapots.
Cues 4B, 4C.
4: From “Cloud”
The lonely cloud is invited to Mother Clanger’s party, He disappears into the Froglet’s magic hat.
Cues 5C, 5E, 5E (faster).
5: From “The Seed”.
A seed floats over the planet and lands. It grows quickly and invades the whole planet. Fear spreads throughout the Clanger community.
Cues: 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E.
6. From “The Bags”
A magical singing Gladstone bag is on the planet. It causes all sorts of trouble. But the Clangers find him a lady bag, and they fly off together, handle in handle and very much in love.
Cues: 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D.
7. From “Blow Fruit”
It’s amazing what new instruments you can make using the pipes from a blow fruit plant.
Cues: 11B, 11D, 11E, 11C
8. From “The Pipe Organ”.
Cues: 12C
9. From “Music Of The Spheres”
The final episode. Tiny Clanger plays his pipe organ and is accompanied by all the musical heavenly bodies.

Cues: 13C followed by 13D, the last ever end title.

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