About Us

If you've arrived here, chances are you've checked out the SuperDeluxeEdition music blog at some point.

I'll take a guess and assume you like music box sets, deluxe editions and generally prefer to buy physical music releases above downloading. Perhaps you like audiophile releases and are a fan of hi-res.

This shop is run by the same people behind the blog and aims to offer you an interesting selection of music releases (both brand new and used) that will pique your interest. Some will be current releases, others may be out of print or rare sets that we've managed to secure for you. We are keeping things simple to start with by selling some exclusive It's Immaterial items, but more stock will be added soon, so do check back.

We are not competing with Amazon. The aim here isn't to bring you an endless choice of products, but rather to offer you a curated selection of releases that we know you will enjoy; namely music box sets, deluxe reissues, SACDs, blu-ray audio and vinyl LPs and collections. Stuff we know is pretty darn good. Chances are we've reviewed it over at SuperDeluxeEdition and like what we've seen.

As well as the music, we've also got some other products we think you might enjoy including cool framed vintage vinyl that looks good hanging on the wall – but can also be played on your turntable. That will come soon, so keep an eye out.

Hope you like what you see. If you have any suggestions, then get in touch and let us know, and we'll try to adapt things.


Paul Sinclair
Shopkeeper and SDE Editor