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SDE EXCLUSIVE: Wham! / Make It Big limited edition blu-ray audio

SDE EXCLUSIVE: Wham! / Make It Big limited edition blu-ray audio

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SDE Exclusive • Dolby Atmos Mix • 96/24 hi-res stereo • Bonus tracks • #20 in the SDE Surround Series

• Region-free blu-ray

Wham's classic 1984 album Make It Big contains the number one hits 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', 'Careless Whisper' and 'Freedom'.

This exclusive and limited blu-ray audio* features the album in spatial audio (Dolby Atmos Mix) along with a hi-res stereo version and 21 bonus tracks.

Blu-ray content summary:

  • Make It Big - Dolby Atmos Mix (will 'fold down' to 5.1 if no atmos system detected)
  • Make It Big - 96/24 hi-res stereo mix
  • 11 bonus tracks in Dolby Atmos and Stereo
  • A further 10 bonus tracks in stereo

The blu-ray is region-free and ships with a free, collectible SDE Surround Series slipcase.

The SDE-exclusive Blu-ray Audio of Fantastic is a limited edition. It is available to pre-order for 14 days only and will close on Thursday 22 February 2024.

It will be released on 26 April 2024 via Sony Music

A blu-ray audio is a blu-ray disc with no video content. It is region-free and compatible with ALL blu-ray players. Any stereo content can be played via two speakers or a soundbar, in the normal way, but to enjoy the surround sound/spatial audio element such as 5.1 mixes and Dolby Atmos Mixes you will need to connect to an appropriate amplifier/receiver with speaker set-up or a Atmos/5.1 certified soundbar.

Make It Big SDE-exclusive blu-ray

Dolby Atmos & 96/24 Stereo

  1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 3.51
  2. Everything She Wants 5.03
  3. Heartbeat 4.44
  4. Like A Baby 4.15
  5. Freedom 5.02
  6. If You Were There 3.39
  7. Credit Card Baby 5.10
  8. Careless Whisper 6.32

Bonus tracks in Dolby Atmos & Stereo

  1. Careless Whisper (Single Version) 5.03
  2. Freedom (version from The Final) 5.20
  3. Last Christmas 4.26
  4. Everything She Wants (Remix edit) 5.30
  5. Freedom (Long Version) 7.09
  6. Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) 6.45
  7. Everything She Wants (Remix) 6.30
  8. I’m Your Man 4.07
  9. The Edge of Heaven 4.37
  10. Battlestations 5.31
  11. Where Did Your Heart Go? 5.50

Bonus tracks in stereo (only)

  1. A Ray of Sunshine (specially recorded for ‘The Tube’)
  2. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (instrumental) 4.02
  3. Freedom (instrumental) 5.10
  4. Last Christmas (Pudding Mix Edit) 4.47
  5. I'm Your Man (Extended Stimulation)
  6. Do It Right (Instrumental)
  7. I'm Your Man (Acappella)
  8. Blue (Recorded Live in China)
  9. I’m Your Man (version from Music From The Edge Of Heaven version)
  10. Wham! Rap '86
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