Brexit, EU and VAT issues


From 1st January 2021, with the UK no longer part of the European Union, our sales to customers in EU countries will be treated as exports and we will no longer collect VAT (sales taxes) on your behalf. For EU customers, the price you see on the SDE shop does now not include VAT.

Orders from EU countries

For orders before 23 August 2023 you will be liable for import VAT at the time of delivery via the postal/courier service in your country. The amount of the VAT payable will depend on how the items are classed for VAT in your country. 

The exact implementation of this is likely to vary across different postal services, and there may be some grace period for orders from the UK over the initial weeks and months in some countries, especially for items in transit on 1st January 2021.

From 23 August 2023 onwards the SDE shop participates in the EU IOSS (IMPORT ONE-STOP SHOP) system.
This means that if your order is worth less than €150 (not including shipping fees) we will charge and collect VAT when you place your order. This VAT is included in the price shown on the product listing.
The package should have our IOSS number (IM3720015345) on it. This tells the customs at the point the goods enter your country that the VAT has been paid (this info is also sent electronically). 
When this package arrives you should not be charged VAT or any other “handling” fee by the delivery company.
If the package is worth more than €150 (not including shipping fees) we will not charge you VAT and you will pay VAT when it arrives. You will also likely be charged a 'handling fee' on top of this. This fee is different in each country.
The VAT you pay will depend on the rate in your country, for example 21% in Belgium, 19% in Germany, 17% in Luxembourg and so on.