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Trevor Horn presents Echoes: Ancient & Modern SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio

Trevor Horn presents Echoes: Ancient & Modern SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio

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Trevor Horn presents Echoes: Ancient & Modern limited edition blu-ray audio

Exclusive to the SDE shop • Dolby Atmos Mix • 5.1 Mix • 5.1 Instrumental Mix • Stereo Mix • #14 in the SDE Surround Series • Release date 1 December 2023


Features 'Swimming Pools (Drank)' with TORI AMOS

*Ships with a free, collectible SDE Surround Series slipcase*



Legendary producer Trevor Horn presents Echoes – Ancient & Modern, a new album which sees him work with some of his favourite singers to create fresh versions of songs he loves.

The album features 11 tracks which are performed by Tori Amos, Seal, Iggy Pop, Marc Almond, Rick Astley, Andrea Corr, Steve Hogarth (from Marillion), Lady Blackbird, Jack Lukeman, Toyah Wilcox & Robert Fripp and Trevor Horn himself.

The songs themselves are iconic hits from the likes of Depeche Mode (Personal Jesus), Pat Benetar (Love Is A Battlefield), The Cars (Drive), Billy Idol (White Wedding) including a few signature tracks that Trevor was involved in the first time around such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'Relax', Grace Jones' 'Slave to the Rhythm' and Yes' 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'.


This is very much a Trevor Horn album with guest vocalists, since as well as producing, Horn sings backing vocals, plays keyboards, bass and/or guitar. Fellow instrumentalists, include his old friend, Lol Creme, and a string orchestra.

"Building a feeling into a song is a tricky, intangible thing to do. There are lots of technical and psychological short cuts to recording a song, but none to actually make it feel real. That remains a studio secret." - Trevor Horn


One of the highlights of Echoes: Ancient & Modern is the opening number which is Tori Amos singing Kendrick Lamar's much admired 2012 rap single 'Swimming Pool (Drank)' which sounds like it shouldn't work at all but does thanks to the introduction of a few simple chords and Amos' stunning vocals. It's a cinematic rendition which, as the producer notes, "sets everything up like it’s the beginning of a song cycle".

Echoes: Ancient & Modern will be released on 1 December 2023 via 


Deutsche Grammophon. 

Do not miss out. This product is ONLY available via the SDE shop and is a limited edition.

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TECHNICAL NOTES: This blu-ray audio requires a blu-ray player. Decoding the Dolby Atmos mix requires a Dolby Atmos-certified soundbar or a Dolby Atmos-compatible AV Receiver/Amp. The Dolby Atmos mix will 'fold down' to 5.1 or stereo if a Dolby Atmos decoder is not detected. This disc contains no video.

Trevor Horn / Echoes: Ancient & Modern in the following versions:

  • Dolby Atmos Mix
  • 5.1 Surround Mix
  • 5.1 Instrumental Mix
  • Hi-Res Stereo Mix
  1. Swimming Pools (Drank) feat. Tori Amos (Kendrick Lamar)
  2. Steppin' Out feat. Seal (Joe Jackson)
  3. Owner Of A Lonely Heart feat. Rick Astley (Yes)
  4. Slave To The Rhythm feat. Lady Blackbird (Grace Jones)
  5. Love Is A Battlefield feat. Marc Almond (Pat Benetar)
  6. Personal Jesus feat. Iggy Pop
  7. Drive feat. Steve Hogarth (The Cars)
  8. Relax feat. Toyah Wilcox & Robert Fripp (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
  9. White Wedding feat. Andrea Corr with Jack Lukeman (Billy Idol)
  10. Smells Like Teen Spirit feat. Jack Lukeman (Nirvana)
  11. Avalon (Roxy Music)
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