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Raiders of the Lost Ark / 2LP Silver Vinyl

Raiders of the Lost Ark / 2LP Silver Vinyl

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Raiders of the Lost Ark 2LP silver vinyl

New gatefold 2LP vinyl edition of the Grammy-nominated 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' soundtrack to the Steven Spielberg film, here presented in Expanded and Remastered edition, including original stills and artwork from the film.

Cut by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman mastering for an outstanding sonic experience. 2LP 180 Gram Vinyl Expanded & Remastered Edition Bernie Grundman Mastering Gatefold cover with film stills & artwork  

LP 1

1          In The Jungle  
2          The Idol Temple         
3          Escape From The Temple      
4          Flight From Peru        
5          Washington Men / Indy’s Home       
6          A Thought For Marion / To Nepal     
7          The Medallion
8          Flight To Cairo
9          The Basket Game      
10        Bad Dates      
11        The Map Room: Dawn           
12        Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well         
13        The Well Of The Souls           


LP 2

1          Indy Rides The Statue
2          The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing       
3          Desert Chase  
4          Marion’s Theme / The Crate 
5          The German Sub        
6          Ride To The Nazi Hideout      
7          Indy Follows The Ark 
8          The Miracle Of The Ark         
9          Washington Ending / Raiders March

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