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Paul and Linda McCartney / RAM 2CD

Paul and Linda McCartney / RAM 2CD

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This is a special 2CD Edition includes 'Too Many People', 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey' and 'Heart Of The Country'.

Bonus Audio CD features rare and previously unreleased tracks,B-sides, plus the classic singles 'Another Day'. Newly remastered at Abbey Studios. 

Side one

1. "Too Many People"4:10
2. "3 Legs" Paul McCartney 2:44
3. "Ram On" Paul McCartney 2:26
4. "Dear Boy" 2:12
5. "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" 4:49
6. "Smile Away" Paul McCartney 3:51

Side two

1. "Heart of the Country" 2:21
2. "Monkberry Moon Delight" 5:21
3. "Eat at Home" 3:18
4. "Long Haired Lady" 5:54
5. "Ram On (Reprise)" 0:52
6. "The Back Seat of My Car" 4:26

Bonus tracks

"Another Day" 3:42
"Oh Woman, Oh Why" 4:35
B-side of the "Another Day" single
"Little Woman Love"2:08
B-side of Wings' "Mary Had a Little Lamb" single
"A Love for You" 4:08
"Hey Diddle" 3:49
"Great Cock and Seagull Race"2:35
"Rode All Night" 8:44
"Sunshine Sometime 3:20

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