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Falco / Emotional 35th anniversary 3CD+DVD deluxe

Falco / Emotional 35th anniversary 3CD+DVD deluxe

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Falco - Emotional 3CD+DVD 35th anniversary deluxe

Originally released in 1986, Falco's Emotional hit # 1 in Germany & Austria as well as reaching the Top 10 in several other European countries. With its 35th anniversary approaching in October, Warner Records will be releasing a new remastered version of the album.

Besides the remastered album on CD 1, the deluxe edition features two further CDs of selected mixes and single versions and a DVD (PAL region 2) with tracks from the “Emotional” world tour recorded on November 4, 1986 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany and broadcast on television the following year. Eleven songs from the performance are issued on DVD for the first time.

The deluxe edition comes with a 20 page booklet in English and German and includes new sleeve notes, unseen pictures an lyrics. 


  1. Emotional (2021 Remaster) 4:54
  2. Kamikaze Cappa (Dedicated To Robert Cappa Who Died In Indochina 1954)(2021 Remaster)
  3. Crime Time (2021 Remaster)
  4. Cowboyz And Indianz (2021 Remaster)
  5. Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr Danach 2021 Remaster)
  6. The Star Of Moon And Sun (2021 Remaster)
  7. Les Nouveaux Riches (2021 Remaster)
  8. The Sound Of Musik (2021 Remaster)
  9. The Kiss Of Kathleen Turner (2021 Remaster)


  1. The Sound Of Musik (Extended Rock 'N' Soul Version) [2021 Remaster]
  2. The Sound Of Musik (12" Edit) [2021 Remaster]
  3. Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr Danach) (Extended Version) [2021


  1. Emotional (Extended Version) [2021 Remaster]
  2. Emotional (Extended N.Y. Mix) [2021 Remaster]*
  3. Emotional (Extended N.Y. Mix) (English Version) [2021 Remaster]
  4. Emotional (Her Side Of The Story) [2021 Remaster]


  1. The Sound Of Musik (Rock 'N' Soul Edit) [2021 Remaster] 
  2. The Sound Of Musik (Single Edit) [2021 Remaster] 
  3. The Sound Of Musik (7" Edit) 2021 [2021 Remaster]* 
  4. The Sound Of Musik (Full Length Instru-Mental Version) [2021 Remaster]**
  5. The Sound Of Musik (Instru-Mental Version) [2021 Remaster] 
  6. Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr Danach) (Special Edited Radio Version) [2021 Remaster]* 
  7. Emotional (N.Y. Mix) [2021 Remaster]* 
  8. Emotional (N.Y. Mix) (English Version) [2021 Remaster]* 
  9. Emotional (English Version) [2021 Remaster]* 
  10. Emotional (Her Side Of The Story 7" Edit) [2021 Remaster]* 
  11. Crime Time (7" Edit) [2021 Remaster]*

DVD -EMOTIONAL TOUR 1986 (Live In Frankfurt/Main - Germany) (only on DVD) 

  1. The Star Of Moon And Sun
  2. Junge Roemer
  3. Männer des Westens – Any Kind Of Land
  4. The Kiss Of Kathleen Turner
  5. Jeanny 
  6. Crime Time
  7. Munich Girls
  8. Emotional
  9. Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2. Ein Jahr Danach)
  10. Vienna Calling
  11. Rock Me Amadeus
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