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Saint Etienne / I've Been Trying To Tell You limited edition SIGNED vinyl box set

Saint Etienne / I've Been Trying To Tell You limited edition SIGNED vinyl box set

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I've Been Trying To Tell You - Limited edition SIGNED vinyl box set

Only 2000 copies available worldwide • Vinyl LP+10"+DVD+ signed art prints + massive poster + badges & stickers & more

Saint Etienne release a limited edition box set that sits in series with the ‘Foxbase Alpha’ and ‘Tiger Bay’ anniversary editions [dimensions are the same] but celebrates the release of the brand new Saint Etienne album 'I've Been Trying To Tell You' by including the following:

  • a black vinyl edition of the new Saint Etienne album*
  • an exclusive 10 inch single with two songs ‘Escalade’ and ‘Hello Holly’ unavailable elsewhere
  • a DVD of the Alasdair McLellan film ‘I’ve Been Trying To Tell You’ packaged in a special card eco wallet (PAL format, region 0)
  • a folded 94cm x 69cm (37 x 27 inches) film poster
  • two Alasdair McLellan band portraits personally signed by Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs - 30cm x 30cm (12x12 inches) each.
  • a 30cm x 30cm print personally signed by director Alasdair McLellan
  • 5 more 30cm x 30cm prints of Alasdair McLellan images from the film
  • 2 exclusive enamel badges
  • a download card for all the music contained in the box
  • two 'road sign' stickers for the vinyl LP *note the album contained in this set does not include the clear plastic outer sleeve that usually carries these

The set is beautifully packaged and designed by M/M Paris with Alasdair McLellan photography throughout.

Vinyl LP

  • A1 Music Again
  • A2 Pond House
  • A3 Fonteyn
  • A4 Little K
  • B1 Blue Kite
  • B2 I Remember It Well
  • B3 Penlop
  • B4 Broad River

10” Single

  • A1 Escalade
  • B1 Hello Holly


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