Mansun / Attack of the Grey Lantern 2LP purple vinyl with EXCLUSIVE Mansun CD single


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Attack of the Grey Lantern 2LP purple vinyl + SDE exclusive CD single

Mansun's 1997 album remastered and reissued on two heavyweight purple vinyl records. All orders of this 2LP set come with a FREE and completely exclusive Mansun CD single!

In collaboration with Kscope, this SDE recreates a rare promo-only 12-inch vinyl single on CD for the first time. This two-track CD single replicates a 1998 promo-only vinyl and features Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osbourne's rare (and excellent) seven-minute Perfecto Mix of 'Wide Open Space' and the Trouser Enthusiasts Hermaphrodite Circus Mix of the same track. 

The CD single artwork replicates the original promo 12-inch design. There are only 500 of these exclusive CD singles in the world and they are available exclusively via the SDE shop.

Also available: 

SDE Exclusive Wide Open Space CD single

  1. Wide Open Space (Perfecto Mix) [07.15]
  2. Wide Open Space (Trouser Enthusiasts Hermaphrodite Circus Mix) [08.45] 

Attack of the Grey Lantern 2LP heavyweight purple vinyl

LP 1

1. The Chad Who Loved Me [05:02]
2. Mansun's Only Love Song [05:55]
3. Taxloss [07:04]

1. You, Who Do You Hate? [03:06]
2. Wide Open Space [04:33]
3. Stripper Vicar [04:11]

LP 2

1. Disgusting [05:12]
2. She Makes My Nose Bleed [03:55]
3. Naked Twister [04:39]

1. Egg Shaped Fred [04:11]
2. Dark Mavis / An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter
(includes hidden track) [14:40]

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