Julian Cope / Autogeddon vinyl box set


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Autogeddon vinyl box set 

Remastered • Black vinyl LP • 12-inch EP • blue vinyl 7" • book • postcards • clothbound box with gold foil-blocking • RRP is £65!

In 1994 Julian Cope released his eleventh solo album Autogeddon. Now we present the 25th anniversary deluxe editions with rare bonus material and a newly written book, which contextualises this underground masterpiece for the first time.

• Remastered ‘Autogeddon’ album in gatefold sleeve
• Rare Remastered ‘Paranormal In The West Country’ 12” EP
• Rare ‘Conspiracy Blues’ & ‘Highway Blues’ 7”, blue vinyl version only available through the OUAT Music webstore
• 3 x postcard set
 24 page book featuring photos and original liner notes from long term Cope publicist Mick Houghton
• All housed in a clothbound box with 25th anniversary Gold foil lettering

For this release the original 2” multitrack masters were digitally transferred to hi-res audio files, using a sampling frequency of 192khz at 24 bit and lacquers cut at Finyl Tweek Studios. 

Autogeddon black vinyl LP

Side A:
1. Autogeddon Blues
2. Madmax
3. Don't Call Me Mark Chapman
4. I Gotta Walk
5. Ain't No Gettin' Round Gettin' Round

Side B:
1. Paranormal In The West Country (Medley)
i) Paranormal Pt. 1
ii) Archdrude's Roadtrip
iii) Kar-Ma-Kanik
2. Ain't But The One Way
3. s.t.a.r.c.a.r

Paranormal In The West Country 12"
Side A:
1. With The Leone Quartet
2. Avebury
Side B:
1. Krankenhausmusik
2. Original

7" Blue vinyl
A. Conspiracist Blues
B. Highway Blues

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