Paul McCartney / Flowers In The Dark 2LP Vinyl


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Flowers In The Dirt 2LP Vinyl

Two disc 180gram audiophile vinyl edition. Includes the newly remastered album and nine unreleased original demos with Elvis Costello. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios. Downloadable audio of all tracks included.


Side one

1. "My Brave Face" 3:18
2. "Rough Ride" 4:43
3. "You Want Her Too" 3:11
4. "Distractions"  4:38
5. "We Got Married" 4:57
6. "Put It There"  2:07

Side two

1. "Figure of Eight" 3:25
2. "This One"  4:10
3. "Don't Be Careless Love" 3:18
4. "That Day Is Done" 4:19
5. "How Many People" 4:14
6. "Motor of Love" 6:18

Bonus Audio

The Lovers That Never Were" (Original Demo)
"Tommy's Coming Home" (Original Demo)
"Twenty Fine Fingers" (Original Demo)
"So Like Candy" (Original Demo)
"You Want Her Too" (Original Demo)
"That Day Is Done" (Original Demo)
"Don't Be Careless Love" (Original Demo)
"My Brave Face" (Original Demo)
"Playboy to a Man" (Original Demo)

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