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Flight of the Conchords / Live in London 3LP CLEAR vinyl 'loser edition'

Flight of the Conchords / Live in London 3LP CLEAR vinyl 'loser edition'

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Live in London exclusive 'indies only' 3LP clear vinyl 'loser edition'

In 2018, ten years after the launch of their brilliant HBO series Flight of the Conchords, 'musical comedians' Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement staged a special Live in London event, which was again broadcast on HBO (and available for a while on Sky Arts in the UK).

This is being released as a 3LP vinyl package in March and this special 'indies only' Loser Edition is pressed on limited CLEAR vinyl. 

This comes with a download code and is released on 8 March 2019.

1. Father and Son *
2. Band Reunion 
3. Iain and Deanna *
4. Inner City Pressure 
5. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 
6. Summer of 1353 *
7. Complimentary Muffin 
8. Stana *
9. Stuck in a Lift 
10. Foux du Fafa 
11. Seagull  *
12. Mutha’uckas - Hurt Feelings 
13. One More Anecdote 
14. Back on the Road *
15. Thank You London 
16. Bowie 
17. Bus Driver *
18. Tuning 
19. Robots 
20. Shady Rachel 
21. Carol Brown **
22. The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) **
* =  new song
** = bonus track not included in the TV special

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