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XTC / Oranges & Lemons CD+blu-ray

XTC / Oranges & Lemons CD+blu-ray

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Oranges & Lemons CD+blu-ray audio

1989 album • CD+blu-ray

Oranges & Lemons is the third in a series of expanded XTC album reissues, including 5.1 Surround mixes, new stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, along with a wealth of extra audio and visual material. 
Steven Wilson produced the mixes with the input of founder band member Andy Partridge and the full approval of the band. 
This cd/blu-ray edition is presented in special packaging with an expanded booklet and sleeve-notes by Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding and Dave Gregory. 


1. Garden of Earthly Delights
2. The Mayor of Simpleton
3. King for a Day
4. Here Comes President Kill Again
5. The Loving
6. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
7. One of the Millions
8. Scarecrow People
9. Merely a Man
10. Cynical Days
11. Across This Antheap
12. Hold Me My Daddy
13. Pink Thing
14. Miniature Sun
15. Chalkhills and Children 
Presented in LPCM Audio
- Album mixed in 5.1 Surround
- New Stereo Album mix 
- Original Stereo Album mix

+ Blu-Ray extra material including: 
  • New stereo album instrumental mixes
  • Two separate sets of demo and work tape sessions showing the evolution of the album and associated recordings; one set of pre-recording rehearsals, promos and ID links for radio stations and record companies; a collection of single mixes and XTC's version of Captain Beefhearts Ella Guru.
  •  Promo films for The Mayor of Simpleton (3 versions), King for a Day and a Road to Oranges & Lemons, a rarely seen home-made film by the band explaining the album (and themselves!) to Geffen Records USA.
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