XTC / Apple Venus Vol. I 200g vinyl LP


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 Apple Venus Vol. I 200g remastered vinyl LP

Single vinyl LP newly mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering from tapes approved by Andy Partridge.

“By the time we came to start writing for what was to be the eventually titled ‘Apple Venus Volume One’, I had a real vivid map in my head of where I wanted to go, up front, no hindsight needed, I knew, in terms of atmosphere I wanted to work with orchestral sounds.” Andy Partridge

  • Much sought after classic XTC albums reissued on vinyl
  • Pressed on superior 200gram vinyl
  • Song lyrics sheet included
  • First single LP edition of Wasp Star

Side 1

  1. River of Orchids
  2. I'd Like That
  3. Easter Theatre
  4. Knights in Shining Karma
  5. Frivolous Tonight


Side 2

  1. Greenman
  2. Your Dictionary
  3. Fruit Nut
  4. I Can't Own Her
  5. Harvest Festival
  6. The Last Balloon

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