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The National / I Am Easy To Find limited 3LP deluxe coloured vinyl

The National / I Am Easy To Find limited 3LP deluxe coloured vinyl

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I Am Easy To Find 3LP deluxe coloured vinyl

The National's eighth studio album was recorded at Long Pond, Hudson Valley, NY with various other sessions around the world. It features vocal contributions from Sharon Van Etten, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Lisa Hannigan, Mina Tindle and more.

I Am Easy To Find is also being released as a companion short film (with the same name), which is directed by  Mike Mills. The film runs for 24 minutes and features music by The National (naturally). It stars Alicia Vikander. The album itself is a double and runs for 68 minutes.


According to Mills the two projects "share music and words and DNA and impulses and a vision about what it means to be human in 2019, but don’t necessarily need one another. The movie was composed like a piece of music; the music was assembled like a film, by a film director. The frontman and natural focal point was deliberately and dramatically sidestaged in favour of a variety of female voices, nearly all of whom have long been in the group’s orbit. It is unlike anything either artist has ever attempted and also totally in line with how they’ve created for much of their careers."

This 3LP deluxe vinyl edition is a one-pressing limited edition comes on 140g opaque red / yellow / grey vinyl. The first two records in this set are the album and the third record features 22 minutes of music from the original film score of I Am Easy To Find. This is EXCLUSIVE to this format. That's on side five, with the sixth side featuring an etching. This version comes in a tri-fold sleeve with a 24-page booklet and it comes in an outer plastic sleeve.

This is released by 4AD.

Sides 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. You Had Your Soul With You
  2. Quiet Light
  3. Roman Holiday
  4. Oblivions
  5. The Pull Of You
  6. Hey Rosey
  7. I Am Easy To Find
  8. Her Father In The Pool
  9. Where Is Her Head
  10. Not In Kansas
  11. So Far So Fast
  12. Dust Swirls In Strange Light
  13. Hairpin Turns
  14. Rylan
  15. Underwater
  16. Light Years

Side 5 contains 22 minutes of music from the I Am Easy To Find Original Film Score – EXCLUSIVE to this format

Side 6 etching


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