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Super Furry Animals at the BBC / 4LP vinyl box set

Super Furry Animals at the BBC / 4LP vinyl box set

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Super Furry Animals at the BBC 4LP vinyl set 

4 x heavyweight vinyl - limited to just 500 units

Super Furry Animals release a compilation of their radio sessions for the BBC available as an 180g vinyl box set and double cd (featuring Mark James Yeti artwork throughout plus 2 new illustrations by Pete Fowler) via Strangetown. This includes the eight sessions recorded for the BBC including those for John Peel and Mark Radcliffe. 

This box set includes a Pete Fowler print, a stamped black envelope and contains Yeti fur samples captured from the stage and then individually numbered. A separate insert of liner notes also features an essay by Uncut magazine journalist, Tom Pinnock." 
In a press release the band had this to say about Super Furry Animals at the BBC: "The five, excitable kids of the Super Furry Animals saw many wonders of the modern world through our innocent eyes, but finding ourselves playing songs in John Peel's home, or in the carpeted muffle of Maida Vale, elevated the experience to new levels. Our thanks go to those rescuing the recordings from our dusty lofts, Kliph Scurlock and Donal Whelan, and the surgical attention to detail by the great artistic minds of Mark James and Pete Fowler. Also, long live public broadcasting."


Mark Radcliffe session, recorded 1st April 1996

A1) God! Show Me Magic A2) Frisbee A3) Hometown Unicorn A4) Focus Pocus/ Debiel

Evening Session, recorded 10th April 1996

B1) Something For The Weekend B2) Hangin’ With Howard Marks B3) If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You B4) God! Show Me Magic

Evening Session, recorded 11th August 1997

C1) The International Language Of Screaming C2) Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir C3) Play It Cool C4) Demons C5) Calimero

John Peel Session, recorded 24th March 1998

CH1) The Teacher CH2) Phire In My Heart CH3) The Turning Tide CH4) Y Teimlad

Evening Session, recorded 2nd June 1999

D1) Night Vision D2) Some Things Come From Nothing D3) Fire In My Heart D4) Blerwytirhwng?

John Peel Session, recorded 1st March 2000

DD1) Dx Heaven DD2) Ymaelodi A R Ymylon DD3) Y Gwyneb Iau DD4) Charge

Evening Session, recorded 29th May 2001

E1) (Drawing) Rings Around The World E2) Fragile Happiness E3) The Warmth Of The Sun E4) Run!Christian, Run!

Live At Peel Acres, recorded 12th July 2001

F1) (A) Touch Sensitive F2) Zoom F3) Nythod Cacwn F4) Run! Christian, Run! F5) Fragile Happiness


Additional tracks on the cd version:

SFA Mash Up The CIA, recorded 20th December 1999

FF1) Wherever I Lay My Phone (That’s My Home) FF2) Bad Behaviour FF3) God! Show Me Magic

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