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Sam Brown / 43 Minutes remastered *SIGNED* CD edition

Sam Brown / 43 Minutes remastered *SIGNED* CD edition

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43 Minutes remastered *signed* CD

Sam Brown's third album "43 Minutes" was rejected by A&M (they didn't feel it was commercial enough) and resulted in Sam walking away from her deal and issuing the album on her own label.

The album was recorded around the time that Sam's mother (singer Vicki Brown) was desperately ill with breast cancer and eventually issued a year after her mum's death, in 1992.

Less poppy than its predecessors it's nevertheless a beautiful album and gets its title from the 43 minute running time.


A single 'Fear Of Life' was released and a video was made featuring a heavily pregnant Sam!

The album has never been issued on vinyl and isn't available on any streaming platforms. This new edition was remastered last year by the original producer, Pete Brown (Sam's brother!) and comes presented as a digi-pack with a folded lyric insert.

Paul Sinclair at SDE worked with Sam Brown on the 2016 "A&M Years" box set and she has agreed to SIGN this remastered edition of "43 Minutes" especially for SDE readers!

  1. Come Into My World
  2. Into The Night
  3. In The Rain
  4. Fear of Life
  5. The Morning Song
  6. You Are The World
  7. See This Evil
  8. Your Time Is Your Own
  9. One Candle
  10. Letting Go
  11. Sleep Like A Baby
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