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Robin Trower / Bridge of Sighs 50th Anniversary 3CD+Blu-ray

Robin Trower / Bridge of Sighs 50th Anniversary 3CD+Blu-ray

PRE-ORDER: Release Date 17 May 2024

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3CD+Blu-ray • New Stereo • Remastered version • Atmos, 5.1 and instrumental mixes

Procol Harum's Robin Trower released his second solo album, Bridge of Sighs, in 1974 to critical and commercial acclaim. The album will be released as a 3CD+blu-ray deluxe edition which features a Dolby Atmos Mix amongst its contents.

The album features Trower on guitar with James Dewar (bass, vocals) and Reg Isidore (drums). Robin's former bandmate Matthew Fisher produces with former Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick taking on control room duties.

The 3CD+blu-ray set features both a remastered version of the original mix of the album (CD 1), a brand new 2024 stereo remix of Bridge of Sighs which contains longer versions of most of the songs, since it was discovered during the remixing process that most of these had been edited, most like to ensure the album worked comfortably on vinyl. For example, 'In This Place' is 4.29 on the original album but 6.17 on the stereo remix, while 'Little Bit of Sympathy' is also almost two minutes longer. Every track is different in this way. Added to CD 2 is a very generous selection of outtakes and rarities, all previously unreleased, including rehearsals, early versions and the like.

The third CD offers live audio available in its entirety for the first time and newly remastered from the original tape transfers. The blu-ray includes a Dolby Atmos Mix, a 5.1 Mix, the remastered stereo version, the remixed stereo version, a slightly different selection of stereo outtakes (extra ones!), the live tracks in stereo and an exclusive instrumental stereo mix.

Bridge of Sighs will be released on 17 May 2024, via Chrysalis.

CD1 - Bridge of Sighs 2024 Remaster
  1. Day of The Eagle
  2. Bridge of Sighs
  3. In This Place
  4. The Fool And Me
  5. Too Rolling Stoned
  6. About To Begin
  7. Lady Love
  8. Little Bit of Sympathy
CD 2 - Bridge of Sighs 2024 Remix with unedited versions + Outtakes & Rarities
  1. USA Radio Spot* 1 0.14
  2. Day Of The Eagle* 5.38
  3. Bridge of Sighs* 5.29
  4. In This Place* 6.17
  5. The Fool And Me* 4.55
  6. Too Rolling Stoned* 8.07
  7. About To Begin* 5.60
  8. Lady Love* 4.07
  9. Little Bit of Sympathy* 6.07
  10. USA Radio Spot 2* 1.05
  11. Day Of the Eagle (instrumental rehearsal)* 3.50
  12. Bridge of Sighs (outtake 3)* 5.47
  13. The Fool and Me (instrumental outtake)* 5.21
  14. Lady Love (extended outtake)* 4.02
  15. Little Bit Of Sympathy (alt. take)* 2.00
  16. Lady Love (early version)* 4.04
  17. Day of the Eagle (single version)* 2.58
  18. USA Radio Spot 3* 1.02
*previously unreleased
CD 3 - Live at The Record Plant, Sausalito, 29 May 1974: 
  1. Twice Removed From Yesterday*
  2. Bridge of Sighs*
  3. Alethea*
  4. Lady Love*
  5. Daydream*
  6. Too Rolling Stoned*
  7. I Can’t Wait Much Longer*
  8. Day of The Eagle*
  9. Little Bit of Sympathy*
  10. Rock Me Baby*
*previously unreleased
Blu-ray Audio

2024 Remaster Mix
Dolby Atmos Mix
5.1 Mix
Stereo Album Instrumentals
2024 Stereo Mix
Additional Outtakes & Rarities
  1. Day Of The Eagle (instrumental rehearsal) 3.54
  2. Day Of The Eagle (outtake 1)# 3.52
  3. Day Of The Eagle (outtake 2)# 4.44
  4. Bridge Of Sighs (outtake 2)# 5.47
  5. Bridge Of Sighs (outtake 3)# 5.48
  6. The Fool and Me (instrumental outtake) 5.21
  7. Lady Love (extended outtake) 4.02
  8. Lady Love (early version) 4.17
  9. Little Bit Of Sympathy (alt take) 2.00
  10. Day Of The Eagle (single version) 3.14
  11. USA Radio Spot 1 0.14
  12. USA Radio Spot 2 1.05
  13. USA Radio Spot 3 1.02
Live at The Record Plant, Sausalito, 29th May 1974
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