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Prince / 3121 2LP limited edition purple vinyl

Prince / 3121 2LP limited edition purple vinyl

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3121 2LP purple vinyl

Prince's 2006 album was a follow-up to Musicology from 2004. The album went straight into the US album chart at number one and features '3121', 'Black Sweat', and 'Te Amo Corazón'

First ever vinyl release, this is a limited edition 2LP purple vinyl pressing.  

3121 (2LP purple vinyl)

Side A

1. 3121
2. Lolita
3. Te Amo Corazón

Side B

1. Black Sweat
2. Incense and Candles
3. Love

Side C

1. Satisfied
2. Fury
3. The Word

Side D

1. Beautiful, Loved and Blessed
2. The Dance
3. Get On the Boat

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