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Jethro Tull / Benefit 50th anniversary 4CD+2DVD set

Jethro Tull / Benefit 50th anniversary 4CD+2DVD set

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Benefit 4CD+2DVD

Jethro Tull’s 1970 classic Benefit will be celebrated in a brand-new 4CD/2DVD set, featuring remixes by Steven Wilson, an abundance of previously unreleased material, packaged within a deluxe hardback book, containing 100 pages of commentary from numerous contributors alongside hordes of images of the band creating and performing their first million-selling album. 

Benefit (The 50th Anniversary Enhanced Edition) contains a copious amount of expanded material, building upon the 2013 Steven Wilson remixes. CD3 contains a previously unreleased Steven Wilson remix of Jethro Tull performing at Tanglewood in 1970, while DVD2 has the previously unavailable film footage of that show.

Further to that, CD4 contains a newly remastered mono version of a previously unreleased concert at The Aragon Ballroom in 1970. The 100-page book, enclosed within the elegant, hardback book packaging, contains an essay from Martin Webb, who expands upon the 2013 “A Collector’s Edition” booklet notes. Following that are comments on each of the album’s tracks from, Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Glenn Cornick and Clive Bunker, as well as interviews with Robin Black (studio engineer of Benefit and many other Jethro Tull albums), Terry Ellis (‘executive producer’ of Benefit), Joshua White who directed the 1970 Tanglewood Festival which features on DVD2, and Steven Wilson explaining the mixing of Benefit in 2013. The masses of anecdotes are surrounded by legions of images of the band and memorabilia from the era.



Steven Wilson Stereo Remixes (1-17)

  1. With You There To Help Me
  2. Nothing To Say
  3. Alive And Well And Living In
  4. Son
  5. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me
  6. To Cry You A Song
  7. A Time For Everything?
  8. Inside
  9. Play In Time
  10. Sossity; You’re A Woman

Associated Recordings

  1. Singing All Day
  2. Sweet Dream
  3. 17
  4. Teacher (UK Single Version)
  5. Teacher (US Album Version)
  6. My God (Early Version)
  7. Just Trying To Be



Original 1969-1970 Mono Mixes

  1. Singing All Day
  2. Sweet Dream(UK single ‘A’ side)
  3. 17 (UK single ‘B’ side)
  4. The Witch’s Promise (EUR single double ‘A’ side)
  5. Teacher (UK Single Version) (EUR single double ‘A’ side)
  6. Teacher (US Album Version) ( US single ‘B’ side)
  7. Inside (UK Single ‘A’ side)
  8. Alive And Well And Living In (UK Single ‘B’ side)
  9. A Time For Everything ( US single ‘B’ side)

Original 1969-1970 Stereo Mixes

  1. Sweet Dream
  2. 17
  3. The Witch’s Promise (UK single double ‘A’ side)
  4. Teacher (UK Single Version)(UK single double ‘A’ side)
  5. The Witch’s Promise (US promo single ‘A’ side)
  6. Teacher (US Album Version) (US promo single ‘B’ side)

1971 Stereo Remixes

  1. Singing All Day
  2. Sweet Dream
  3. The Witch’s Promise
  4. Teacher (US album Version)

Original Radio Spots

  1. Benefit Radio Spot #1
  2. Benefit Radio Spot #2
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