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Tanita Tikaram / Ancient Heart 30th anniversary CD with bonus tracks

Tanita Tikaram / Ancient Heart 30th anniversary CD with bonus tracks

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Ancient Heart 30th anniversary CD with bonus tracks

 Music on Vinyl and Music on CD present Tanita Tikaram. She was only 19 years old when she released her multi-million selling debut album Ancient Heart. Tanita recorded a wistful and melancholy work which shows a woman with a lot of life experience. Her perfect signature song “Twist in My Sobriety” is an unbelievable deep and stark track. Years after it’s release it doesn’t sound one bit dated and it shows her fully skilled talent as a singer-songwriter. Another track that made it to the charts is “Good Tradition”. Other highlights include the more upbeat “Cathedral Song,” and the jazzy “For All the Years”. Ancient Heart marks the poignant beginning of Tikaram’s remarkable career

New jewel case CD with 8-page booklet with lyrics and a personal note from Tanita.

This 30th anniversary edition contains 2 bonus tracks “Friends” and “I Love The Heaven’s Solo”.


1. Good Tradition
2. Cathedral Song
3. Sighing Innocents
4. I Love You
5. World Outside Your Window
6. For All These Years
7. Twist In My Sobriety
8. Poor Cow
9. He Likes The Sun
10. Valentine Heart
11. Preyed Upon

Bonus tracks

12. Friends
13. I Love The Heaven’s Solo

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