The Cardigans / Long Gone Before Daylight remastered 2LP vinyl


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Long Gone Before Daylight 2LP remastered vinyl

The Cardigans fifth album was delivered five years after 1998's Gran Tourismo and saw the band take a more introspective approach. Very much a fans' favourite, this features the singles 'Live and Learn' and 'For What It's Worth'. 


All Cardigans catalogue titles have been remastered at Sterling Sound in NY and are now being released on 180 gram black vinyl in gatefold sleeve

Long Gone Before Daylight (2003) 2LP

Side A

  1. Communication
  2. You're The Storm
  3. A Good Horse

Side B

  1. And Then You Kissed Me
  2. Couldn't Care Less

Side C

  1. Please Sister
  2. For What It's Worth
  3. Lead Me Into The Night

Side D

  1. Live and Learn
  2. Feathers And Down
  3. 03.45: No Sleep

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