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Arcade Fire / The Suburbs + Scenes From The Suburbs CD+DVD

Arcade Fire / The Suburbs + Scenes From The Suburbs CD+DVD

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Arcade Fire The Suburbs deluxe

Out of print 2011 CD+DVD deluxe edition features two bonus tracks (Culture War and Speaking in Tongues) and a unique extended version of Wasted Hours.

This also comes with a card with a unique code where you can download the following two tracks

  • Ready to Start (Damian Taylor remix) 7.25
  • Sprawl I (Demo)

The DVD (NTSC, region free) contains the short film "Scenes From The Suburbs" directed by Spike Jonze, plus a behind-the-scenes making of and the promo video to The Suburbs.

Finally, this set comes with and 80-page booklet. Brand new and sealed.

The Suburbs CD

1 The Suburbs 5:14

2 Ready To Start 4:15

3 Modern Man 4:39

4 Rococo 3:56

5 Empty Room 2:51

6 City With No Children 3:11

7 Half Light I 4:13

8 Half Light II (No Celebration) 4:26

9 Suburban War 4:44

10 Month Of May 3:50

11 Wasted Hours (A Life That We Can Live) 4:25

12 Deep Blue 4:27

13 We Used To Wait 5:00

14 Sprawl I (Flatland) 2:53

15 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 5:25

16 The Suburbs (Continued) 1:31

17 Culture War 5:23

18 Speaking In Tongues 3:51

Scenes From The Suburbs DVD

1 Scenes From The Suburbs 29:24

2 Behind The Scenes From The Suburbs 12:48

3 The Suburbs Music Video 5:55

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