EXCLUSIVE: Go West / Dancing on the Couch 2LP clear vinyl with SIGNED print



Release Date: 26 January 2024

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Go West / Dancing on the Couch 3CD+DVD with signed print

2LP set pressed on clear vinyl • Comes with album cover print (7" in size) signed by Peter Cox & Richard Drummie• Released on 26 January 2024.

Go West’s 1987 album Dancing On The Couch will be reissued in January.

This follow-up to their platinum self-titled debut saw Peter Cox and Richard Drummie continuing to explore their signature pop-soul sound, and includes the singles ‘True Colours’, ‘I Want To Hear It From You’, ‘From Baltimore To Paris’, and ‘The King Is Dead’ (with guest backing vocals from a certain Kate Bush).

This 2LP edition pressed on clear vinyl offers a bonus LP of remixes and rarities. The records come in a wide-spined sleeve.

This comes with a 7" album cover print SIGNED by band members Peter Cox and Richard Drummie. Available for one week only.

Dancing on the Couch will be reissued on 26 January 2024, via Chrysalis.

LP 1: Dancing on the Couch (2024 remaster)

Side One
  1. I Want To Hear It From You
  2. Little Caesar
  3. Masque Of Love
  4. From Baltimore To Paris
  5. True Colours
Side Two
  1. The King Is Dead
  2. Chinese Whispers
  3. Let’s Build A Boat
  4. Crossfire
  5. Dangerous

LP 2: Remixes, Rarities

Side Three
  1. True Colours (The Snake Charmer Mix)
  2. I’ll Be Waiting
  3. Masque Of Love (Schoolhouse Mix)
  4. Chinese Whispers (Live)
  5. XL 5
Side Four
  1. I Want To Hear It From You (A Day In Aarhus)
  2. Tears Too Late
  3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Dreams
  4. Little Caesar (Live)
  5. The King Is Dead (12” Long Vibe Piano Mix)

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