The Cult / Sonic Temple 30th anniversary 5CD super deluxe


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Sonic Temple 5CD super deluxe

5CDs • Remixes • Demos • Live tracks

This 30th anniversary reissue of The Cult's 1989 album is a five-CD super deluxe set which includes 53 tracks (including 6 previously unreleased) with the original album on disc 1, alternate edits, mixes, extended versions and acoustic versions on disc 2, limited-release demos on discs 3 & 4 and Live at Wembley recorded by the BBC on disc 5. Six of the live tracks are previously unreleased.

It is beautifully packaged in book form with rare photographs and interviews with the band by esteemed UK journalist James Brown.

This is released on 13 September 2019 by Beggars Arkive.

CD 1
1 Sun King

2 Fire Woman
3 American Horse
4 Edie (Ciao Baby)
5 Sweet Soul Sister
6 Soul Asylum
7 New York City
8 Automatic Blues
9 Soldier Blue
10 Wake Up Time For Freedom

CD 2
1 Sonic Temple Radio Promo
2 Fire Woman (Edit)
3 Messin' Up The Blues (from the Fire Woman single)
4 Medicine Train (From the Edie (Ciao Baby) single)
5 Fire Woman (NYC Rock Mix) (from the Fire Woman CD EP)
6 Edie (Ciao Baby) (Edit)
7 Bleeding Heart Graffiti (from the Edie (Ciao Baby) CD EP)
8 Sun King (Edit)
9 Sweet Soul Sister (Edit)
10 The River (From the Sweet Soul Sister single)
11 Soldier Blue (Werman Extended Version)
12 Fire Woman (LA Rock Mix)
13 Sweet Soul Sister (Rock's Mix)
14 Edie (Ciao Baby) (Acoustic) (From The Heart Of Soul CD single)

CD 3
1 Medicine Train (demo)
2 New York City (demo)
3 American Horse (demo)
4 Sun King (demo)
5 Automatic Blues (demo)
6 Yes Man (demo)
7 Fire (demo)
8 Wake Up Time For Freedom (demo)
9 Citadel (demo)
10 The River (demo)

CD 4
1 The Crystal Ocean (demo)
2 Cashmere (demo) 
3 Edie (Ciao Baby) (demo) 
4 Bleeding Hearts Revival 
5 My Love (demo) 
6 Star Child (demo)
7 Medicine Train (Rock Demo)
8 New York City (Rock Demo)
9 Fire (rock Demo)
10 Spanish Gold (jam Demo)

CD 5
1 New York City (live) *previously unreleased)

2 Automatic Blues (live) *previously unreleased)
3 American Horse (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
4 Sun King (live) *previously unreleased
5 Soul Asylum (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
6 Rain (live) *previously unreleased
7 Sweet Soul Sister (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
8 She Sells Sanctuary (live) *previously unreleased
9 Fire Woman (live) *previously unreleased

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