Tears For Fears / The Hurting 40th anniversary half-speed mastered vinyl


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Tears For Fears / The Hurting half-speed mastered vinyl LP

40th anniversary edition • Newly remastered at Abbey Road by Miles Showell, from the original 1/2" tapes • OBI strip

Tears For Fears' 1982 debut album, The Hurting is reissued as a half-speed mastered vinyl pressing in May.

The album features the hit singles 'Mad World', 'Change' and 'Pale Shelter', all of which reached the top five of the UK charts in 1982-3. The Hurting, written solely by Roland Orzabal, is a loose concept album focusing on themes of childhood psychological trauma and Arthur Janov’s Primal Scream therapy, the theories behind which gave the band their name. Despite its dark subject matter, the album was a huge commercial success [topping the UK charts] and continues to resonate with younger audiences.

The new Half Speed Remaster of The Hurting was done by respected audio engineer Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios using a half-speed mastering technique which produces a superior vinyl cut. 

This artisan process results in cuts that have superior high frequency response and very solid stable stereo images. In short, a very high quality master that creates a very high quality record. 

The Hurting half-speed mastered vinyl LP will be released on 12 May 2023, via Virgin/UMR.

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The Hurting half-speed mastered vinyl LP

Side One

  1. The Hurting
  2. Mad World
  3. Pale Shelter
  4. Ideas As Opiates
  5. Memories Fade

Side Two 

  1. Suffer The Children
  2. Watch Me Bleed
  3. Change
  4. The Prisoner
  5. Start Of The Breakdown

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