Paul McCartney / The Fireman Electric Arguments limited edition deluxe box with hand-torn edge prints


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Electric Arguments limited deluxe edition with hand-torn edge prints

The third album by The Fireman, consisting of Paul McCartney and producer Youth. The album was first announced 29 September 2008, on Paul McCartney's website, and was released in 2008 on the duo's website. It is the first Fireman release to be publicly acknowledged by McCartney, and the album cover features the names of both contributors.

This deluxe edition features two LPs, 2 CDs, 2 DVDs; a tin box set containing: the original 13-track album as an LP and CD, a 7-track CD containing bonus mixes and alternate versions, a DVD of hi-definition audio recordings, a DVD of multi-track session files, 2 exclusive art prints and extensive an booklet.

Tin box containing:

  • 13 track direct metal mastered double vinyl 
    200gm audiophile quality
  • 13 track CD (with simple cd wallet)
  • 7 track CD containing bonus mixes and alternate versions
  • DVD containing hi-definition audio recordings 24bit 96Khz
  • DVD containing multi-track session files for a selection of the album tracks allowing you to remix
  • 2 exclusive art prints with hand-torn edges
  • Extensive Booklet

This is new stock, unopened.

Disc 1 – The Original Album:

  •  "Electric Arguments"
  • "Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight" – 4:55 (an edited version premiered on Radio One on 29 September 2008).
  • "Two Magpies" – 2:12
  • "Sing the Changes" – 3:44
  • "Travelling Light" – 5:06
  • "Highway" – 4:17
  • "Light from Your Lighthouse" – 2:31
  • "Sun Is Shining" – 5:12
  • "Dance 'Til We're High" – 3:37
  • "Lifelong Passion" – 4:49
  • "Is This Love?" – 5:52
  • "Lovers in a Dream" – 5:22
  • "Universal Here, Everlasting Now" – 5:05
  • "Don't Stop Running" – 10:31 (The song ends at 5:54, a bonus track titled "Road Trip"begins at 7:57)

Disc 2 - Bonus Tracks

  • "Solstice Ambient" Acapella 
  • "Travelling Light" Instrumental
  • "Wickerman" Ambient Dub
  • "Morning Mist" Instrumental Dub
  • "Equinox" Instrumental
  • "Sawain" Ambient Acapella
  • "Sawain" Instrumental Dub

Disc 3 – DVD - Hi-definition audio recordings (music videos and making-of the album)

  • "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight"  
  • "Two Magpies"  
  • "Singlling Light"  
  • "Highway"
  • "Light From Your Lighthouse"
  • "Sun Is Shining
  • "Dance Till We're High
  • "Lifelong Passion
  • "Is This Love?
  • "Lovers In A Dream
  • "Universal Here"
  • "Everlasting Now"
  • "Don't Stop Running
  • "Highway" (electro dynamo lemon sherbet sunrise dubstep remix)
  • "Sing The Changes" (bonus)
  • "Dance 'Til We're High" (bonus)
  • "In The Studio" (bonus)

 Disc 4 – DVD - Multi-track session files

  • "Dance 'Til We're High" (Bass Stem, Drum Stem, Guitar Stem, Keyboards Stem, Vocals Stem)
  • Highway" (Bass Stem, Drum Stem, Guitar Stem, Keyboards Stem, Vocals Stem)
  • "Light From Your Lighthouse" (Drum Stem, Backing Vocals Stem, Bass Stem, Guitar Stem, Keyboards Stem, Vocals Stem)
  • "Sing The Changes" (Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin Stem, Backing Vocals Stem, Bass Stem, Drum Stem, Electric Guitar Stem, Lead Vocal Stem, Vibes Stem)
  • "Sun Is Shining" (Bass Stem, Drum Stem, Guitar Stem, Vocals Stem)

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