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Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Inside The Pleasuredome / deluxe box set

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Inside The Pleasuredome / deluxe box set

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We have a small quantity of the rare and out of print Frankie Goes To Hollywood Inside The Pleasuredome box set.

The set contains a remastered and repackaged double LP of the 1984 Welcome To The Pleasuredome album, along with three 10-inch EPs, all with exclusive, previously unreleased tracks.

A 13-track
Relax cassette (“Suck It Up”), a DVD with 5.1 surround mixes and videos and a 48-page hardcover book – And Suddenly There Came A Zang! – are also part of the package. All audio content is also supplied as FLAC files and/or MP3.

Only 2000 of these sets were manufactured. These are brand new and factory SEALED.


  • “Come Inside” – The entry-point into the Pleasuredome experience, via a unique flipbook animation of Lo Cole’s classic artwork.
  • Tumbometer Nine – A Zang Tuum Tumb info sheet detailing everything you’ll find Inside The Pleasuredome, where it came from and why it’s there. Plus a complete listing of the Element Series, past, present and future.
  • “And Suddenly There Came A Zang!” –  The Art of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. A stunning 48-page case-bound hardback book celebrating and exploring the artwork of Welcome To The Pleasuredome, with contributions from Paul Morley, designer David Smart, illustrators Lo Cole and Anne Yvonne Gilbert and photographers John Stoddart, Steve Rumney, AJ Barratt and Peter Ashworth.
  • “Brothers and Sisters” – The DVD. Compiling the Pleasuredome Videos – Relax, Two Tribes, The Power of Love and Welcome To The Pleasuredome by directors Godley & Creme, Bernard Rose and David Mallett – and 5.1 surround sound audio mixes of the classic singles and album tracks. This is a double disc with NTSC region 0 on one side and PAL region 0 on the other.
  • “Cowboys and Indians” – 10” vinyl in die-cut sleeve. - The Alternate Tracks. A four-track EP that explores the making of Frankie’s second single, with two previously unreleased takes of Two Tribes and one of WAR.
  • “Lovers and Haters” – 10" vinyl in die-cut sleeve of The Studio Demos. A four-track EP tracing the story of two of the earliest tracks recorded for Welcome To The Pleasuredome, with two previously-unreleased takes of Relax and two previously-unreleased versions of The Only Star In Heaven.
  • “Doctors and Nurses” – The Remixes. 10” vinyl in die-cut sleeve. A pairing of the third 12” mix of War! (which went on to become the Art of Noise track, Oobly) with an alternate 12” version of Welcome To The Pleasuredome, both previously unreleased.
  • “Suck It Up” – The Relax Cassette. A 13-track, C90 remix anthology. From the 16-minute Sex Mix to Trevor Horn’s New York Mix, via six previously unreleased versions.
  • “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” – The 2014 Vinyl Edition. The original 16-track album, remastered at Sarm Studios by Trevor Horn and his 2014 THeam, pressed on 180g audiophile vinyl and packaged in a unique die-cut sleeve designed to frame one of three accompanying prints by original Pleasuredome sleeve artist, Lo Cole.
Also included
  • Code to download the audio content in MP3 and/or FLAC format
  • A unique strip of film from the Bernard Rose video of Welcome to the Pleasuredome.


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