Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie 2CD reissue



Release Date: 31 July 2020

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Flaming Pie 2CD edition

Paul McCartney's 1997 album is remastered and reissued as a 2CD special edition. 

This album features the singles Young Boy, The World Tonight and Beautiful Night.

CD 1 features the 2020 remaster of the album while CD 2 offers a selection of demos, home recordings, early versions and B-sides

This will be released on 31 July via UMC/Virgin.

CD 1 - Flaming Pie (2020 remaster)

The Song We Were Singing 3:55
The World Tonight 4:05
If You Wanna 4:37
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 3:54
Calico Skies 2:32
Flaming Pie 2:30
Heaven On A Sunday 4:26
Used To Be Bad 4:12
Souvenir 3:41
Little Willow 2:58
Really Love You 5:18
Beautiful Night 5:08
Great Day 2:09

CD 2

1. The Song We Were Singing [Home Recording]
2. The World Tonight [Home Recording]
3. If You Wanna [Home Recording]
4. Somedays [Home Recording]
5. Young Boy [Home Recording]
6. Calico Skies [Home Recording]
7. Flaming Pie [Home Recording]
8. Souvenir [Home Recording]
9. Little Willow [Home Recording]
10. Beautiful Night [1995 Demo]
11. Great Day [Home Recording]
12. Beautiful Night [Run Through]
13. Whole Life [Rough Mix]
14. Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette]
15. Great Day [Acoustic]
16. Calico Skies [Acoustic]
17. C'mon Down C'mon Baby
18. Looking For You
19. Broomstick
20. Love Come Tumbling Down
21. Same Love

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