BUNDLE: Suede Blu-ray Audio + The Drowners 7" Pic Disc


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Suede 30th anniversary BUNDLE: blu-ray audio + The Drowners 7" Pic Disc

Released on 7 July 2023

This is a specially-priced BUNDLE that brings together: 

Suede limited Blu-ray Audio with Atmos Mix -  details here


The Drowners 7" Pic Disc (limited to 1000 units) - details here.

This bundle will be released on 7 July 2023, via Demon Music, although please note that the blu-ray is exclusive to the SDE shop will not be available to pre-order after 29 April 2023.

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Suede SDE-exclusive blu-ray audio

Suede in the following versions:

2023 Steven Wilson Dolby Atmos MIx
2023 Steven Wilson 5.1 Surround Mix
2023 Steven Wilson Stereo MIx
1993 Definitive Original Stereo Mix (96/24)


  1. So Young
  2. Animal Nitrate
  3. She’s Not Dead
  4. Moving
  5. Pantomime Horse
  6. The Drowners
  7. Sleeping Pills
  8. Breakdown
  9. Metal Mickey
  10. Animal Lover
  11. The Next Life

Remastered HD Videos

  1. The Drowners
  2. Metal Mickey
  3. Animal Nitrate
  4. So Young
  5. The Drowners (US Version)

The Drowners 7" pic disc (limited to 1000 units)

  1. The Drowners
  2. To The Birds


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