XTC as... Dukes of Stratosphear / 2LP & CD+Blu-ray BUNDLE


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25 O'Clock 200g vinyl + Psonic Psunspot 200g vinyl + Psurroundabout Ride - CD+Blu-ray

Specially-priced bundle that features the following

  • Newly remastered 25 O'Clock 200g vinyl
  • Newly remastered Psonic Psunspot 200g vinyl
  • Psurroundabout Ride CD+Blu-ray

This is released on 11 October 2019 via Andy Patridge's APE label

25 O'Clock

Side One:

  1. 25 O’Clock
  2. Bike Ride to the Moon
  3. My Love Explodes

Side Two:

  1. What in the World?
  2. Your Gold Dress
  3. The Mole from the Ministry

Psonic Psunspot

Side One:

  1. Vanishing Girl
  2. Have you seen Jackie?
  3. Little Lighthouse
  4. You’re a Good Man Albert Brown
  5. Collideascope 

Side Two:

  1. You’re my Drug
  2. Shiny Cage
  3. Brainiac’s Daughter
  4. The Affiliated
  5. Pale and Precious

Psurroundabout Ride details:
  • XTC as The Dukes – From Psychedelic Pswindon – the complete recordings in stereo and 5.1 Psurround Psound
  • 25 o’Clock and Psonic Psunspot newly mixed in stereo by Steven Wilson, with mixes approved by Andy Partridge (CD & Blu-Ray)
  • Both albums + 2 extra tracks  also newly mixed in 5.1 surround by Steven Wilson on Blu-Ray (with a final song up-mixed to surround using the Penteo audio system)
  • All 19 songs appear in their original mixes in hi-res stereo (Blu-Ray)
  • 18 songs appear in their new mixes in hi-res stereo (Blu-Ray)]
  • Complete demos from both albums & instrumental versions of album songs also feature in hi-res stereo on the Blu-Ray


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