Paul McCartney / Flowers In The Dirt 2CD deluxe


Flowers In The Dirt 2CD deluxe 

This is a Special 2CD Edition. Includes the newly remastered album and 9 unreleased album original demos with Elvis Costello. 
Remastered at Abbey Road Studio.

I: Remastered Album

My Brave Face 3:20
Rough Ride 4:45
You Want Her Too 3:14
Distractions 4:42
We Got Married 4:58
Put It There 2:12
Figure Of Eight 3:27
This One 4:12
Don't Be Careless Love 3:21
That Day Is Done 4:22
How Many People 4:16
Motor Of Love 6:27
Où Est Le Soleil? 4:46

II: Original Demos

The Lovers That Never Were 3:58
Tommy's Coming Home 4:09
Twenty Fine Fingers 2:27
So Like Candy 3:29
You Want Her Too 2:40
That Day Is Done 4:16
Don't Be Careless Love 3:43
My Brave Face 2:40
Playboy To A Man 2:58

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