It's Immaterial / Life's Hard And Then You Die 2CD deluxe edition


British indie-pop band It's Immaterial released their debut album Life's Hard And Then You Die in 1986 after enjoying top 20 success with the single Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune).

This 30th anniversary 2CD deluxe edition has been created with the full cooperation of the original band members, John Campbell and Jarvis Whitehead and was curated by editor Paul Sinclair. It features:

  • Audio newly remastered, from the original master tapes, for the first time
  • 16-page booklet contains new interviews with the band, producer Dave Bascombe (Tears For Fears, The Boo Radleys) and A&R man Ross Stapleton.
  • Disc One contains the album, plus nine bonus tracks (B-sides, single versions.
  • Disc Two includes John Peel Session, plus all the remixes issued from the four singles and the original 4-track demo of “Driving Away From Home”
  • In total, 12 tracks previously unreleased on CD and four tracks never commercially issued.


Disc One – Original Album Remastered, plus B-sides & single versions

  1. Driving Away From Home (Jim’s Tune) [4.12]
  2. Happy Talk [5.28]
  3. Rope [3.34]
  4. The Better Idea [5.41]
  5. Space [3.58]
  6. The Sweet Life [4.38]
  7. Festival Time [3.52]
  8. Ed’s Funky Diner [3.04]
  9. Hang On Sleepy Town [4.20]
  10. Lullaby [6.25]
  11. Washing The Air [3.23]
  12. We’ll Turn Things Upside Down (The Enthusiasts Song) [4.29]
  13. Only The Lonely [3.46]
  14. A Crooked Tune [3.40]
  15. Trains, Boats, Planes [3.49]
  16. Hereby Hangs A Tale [4.07]
  17. Kissing With Lord Herbert [2.59]
  18. Driving Away From Home (Jim’s Tune) (single version) [3.51]
  19. Space (single version) [4.04]

Disc Two – Peel Sessions & Remixes

  1. Space (John Peel Session) [3.47]
  2. Hang On Sleepy Town (John Peel Session) [4.10]
  3. Festival Time (John Peel Session) [3.30]
  4. Rope (John Peel Session) [3.30]
  5. Ed’s Funky Diner (The Keinholz Caper) [5.53]
  6. Washing The Air (Rub A Dub Mix) [5.29]
  7. Driving Away From Home (Wicked Weather For Walking) [7.11]
  8. Ed’s Funky Diner (Friday Night, Saturday Morning) [8.05]
  9. We’ll Turn Things Upside Down (When The Revolution Comes) [4.06]
  10. Driving Away From Home (I Mean After All It’s Only ‘Dead Man’s Curve’) [6.29]
  11. Space, He Called From The Kitchen [7.10]
  12. Rope (Extended Mix) [6.07]
  13. Space (Instrumental) [4.02]
  14. Jazz Bo’s Holiday Transatlantique [4.47]
  15. Driving Away From Home (Original 4-Track Demo) [3.13]

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