Buzzcocks / A Different Kind of Tension / Limited Deluxe Yellow Vinyl LP


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'Indies-only' solid YELLOW vinyl8-page booklet • Download card

A Different Kind of Tension deluxe yellow vinyl LP

The Buzzcocks’ third and final studio album was originally released in September 1979. It features the singles 'You Say You Don't Love Me' and 'Believe'.

The audio has been remastered from the original tapes and the artwork restored under the supervision of Malcolm Garrett (designer of the original sleeves) along with the addition of essays penned by Jon Savage and Clinton Heylin.

  • Limited edition 'indies-only' violet vinyl
  • 8-page booklet 
  • Comes with a classic Buzzcocks ‘Product’ silver biodegradable carrier bag

This comes with a download card and is released by Domino. Update: Domino aren't supplying plastic 'Product' bags ship with these releases, sorry!

Side one

  1. Paradise                               
  2. Sitting 'round At Home                               
  3. You Say You Don't Love Me                     
  4. You Know You Can't Help It                               
  5. Mad, Mad Judy                               
  6. Raison D'Etre
Side two
  1. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
  2. Money                               
  3. Hollow Inside                               
  4. A Different Kind Of Tension                               
  5. I Believe                               
  6. Radio Nine  

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