Eighth Wonder / Fearless 2LP RED vinyl expanded reissue


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Fearless 2LP RED vinyl

Limited, numbered editionred vinylbonus remixes on second LP

British pop band Eighth Wonder‘s brief time in the spotlight is remembered with a deluxe coloured vinyl edition of their 1988 album "Fearless".

Patsy Kensit fronted the band that enjoyed early success in Italy and Japan and then across Europe with the single 'I’m Not Scared', which was written by the Pet Shop Boys and produced by the duo with Phil Harding.

This double vinyl package from Demon Records is a limited, numbered set and is presented in gatefold packaging on heavyweight red vinyl. The second LP features bonus remixes, including the disco mix of 'I’m Not Scared'. 


Side A
A1: Cross My Heart
A2: When The Phone Stops Ringing
A3: Baby Baby
A4: Will You Remember
A5: Wild Love

Side B
B1: I’m Not Scared
B2: Use Me
B3: Anything At All
B4: My Baby’s Hearthbeat
B5: The Dress

Bonus LP

Side C
C1: I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix)
C2: Baby Baby (Dance Mix)
C3: Will You Remember (Extended Mix)
C4: Having It All (Extended Remix)

Side D
D1: Cross My Heart (Dance Mix)
D2: Use Me (Remix)
D3: When The Phone Stops Ringing (Extended Remix)
D4: Stay With Me (Extended)

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